Hello There.

Hello, and welcome to my new WordPress blog on antimalwareblogger.wordpress.com

For those of you who do not already know who I am, I am the antimalwareblogger.

You might have seen some of my work on the following blogs:



If so, you really require no introduction to anything on this WordPress blog. And I thank you for your support.

If you have not read me before, I blog about malware or malicious software known far and wide by the name “computer viruses.”

But this WordPress blog will not not deal with viruses in General. This blog will have a focus on the type of malware that some pieces of antivirus software just are not equipped to truly handle.

And we will not just be talking about these types of malware, we will also be offering removal guides for them.

In my opinion, everyone deserves the right to be able to be online without the risk of malware. And if I am successful enough in my mission to educate users, I might deliver a major financial blow to those who write malware.

If the writers have too little money, they can no longer write malware. This means that we have won. My mission is to educate. My hope is that one day I will be able to tell scary malware stories to my grandkids in 60 years that at that point will truly be nothing more then history.

And once enough users are educated, we will all have a chance to be on the internet without the risk of malware.

Sound interesting to you? Click the follow button to show that you like what I am doing and want to read further. If you would like to see me in action, click on either of the two links to my other blogs above.

And for those of you have have seen me in action before, I know that this WordPress blog does not look too good right now. But as I find the time, I will try to make it look better and try to make it look a little more developed.

Thank You for reading my first post on the new blog.


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