How to remove the SimplLocker ransomware.

The SimplLocker ransomware is a piece of ransomware that infects Android devices. The issue with mobile malware seems to be evolving, as this ransomware encrypts files and stops anything else on your Android device from working correctly.


It informs you of what it has done via a ransom screen that demands $21 to decrypt your files and continue using your device properly.


The ransomware is downloaded and installed when you download something online that claims to be something else, but is actually the ransomware. This ransomware is not found on the Google Play Store.


Manual removal of this ransomware has proven to be a difficult task, so we are going to be using an automated app made by avast! in this removal guide.


Step #1: Go to from your computer.


Step #2: Login to the Google Play Store with the same user information you use to login to your device.


Step #3: Search for avast! Ransomware Removal in the Google Play Store.


Step #4: Click on the “Install” button to install avast! Ransomware Removal to your device.


Step #5: After avast! Ransomware Removal is installed on your device, press avast! Ransomware Removal in the notification bar.


Step #6: avast! Ransomware Removal will start and provide you with further instructions.


Step #7: Allow avast! Ransomware Removal to scan your device.


Step #8: After the scan is over, avast! Ransomware Removal will remove the ransomware from your device and decrypt your files.


Step #9: Uninstall avast! Ransomware Removal so that you can further use your device.


Your device should now be free of the SimplLock ransomware. I would consider looking into a free or paid anti-malware app for your Android device if you already did not have one on your device when you got infected with the ransomware.


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